Sunday, July 25, 2010

Give me a surprising stat line for this MLB season?

Ubaldo Jimenez

W - 13 ---------------(1st)
ERA - 1.15----------(1st)
Win % - .929 -------(1st)
BAA - .189 ----------(1st)
Shutouts - 2 --------(2nd)
CG - 3 ----------------(2nd)
WHIP - 1.00 ---------(3rd)
IP - 101.1-------------(4th)
K/BB - 2.44 ---------(20th)

Found it weird such he was ranked that low in a particular catergory while dominating everything else.

Edit - Also despise on add that the White Sox have a losing home record, passing over a winning road record.

Also, Jeff Francoeur is 1st in Sac Flies in the MLB, but 62nd customary RBI's.

Edit Again (this is joking =P)

Ryan Ludwick enjoy the lowest average customary the NL when leading off the inning (.106)

But enjoy the superlative customary with RISP (.444)

EDIT x3 - the Kansas City Royals are tied because the highest BA customary the league (.279) but are 12 games below .500.

Fourth trim - The division leaders in th NL (Cards, Braves, Padres) are all trigonous ranked customary the bottom square for set triples.

Fifth and final trim - Robinson Cano is the only Yankee ranked in the top 5 because any connected with the triple authorize stats.

Sixth (and actual final) edit - The Jays have the most soil runs customary the AL, but the second-worst batting average.

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