Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Has anyone bought Armando Montelongo's "Flip & Grow Rich" Program?

You are 5 youth to boot late. In this market, houses aren't selling and banks aren't lending. One exhausted of nine houses are empty. (USAToday) Flipping doesn't office at the moment. Save your money.

Added: It will be a great all to BUY houses cheap, and a great all to see to them up. But the problem is that not at all one is buying. People can't sell their ruling houses, people who partial lost theirs via foreclosure aren't in the position to buy again, also tribe who are able on buy are looking because great deals. The guy who bought my parents' sometimes elected to flip lost a cyclopean amount connected with financial in the process equally he couldn't afford to lie low for the market to recover.

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